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Generate QR code for websites, contact, Text, URL, Location, Wi-Fi, PayPal, WhatsApp and more with our Free QR code Generator.

QR templates
You get 15 QR Code Generator Simple fast and free tool to create QR codes for URLs, contacts, Wi-Fi, UPI, and more. Download your QR code in seconds With QR Code Generator. Choose from a variety of designs, colors, and frames, and track in real-time. Our QR code Generator also offers link management and link-in-bio features for social media. Free QR code Generator now.
Privacy Protect your data and privacy with our secure QR code Generator. Our dynamic QR codes allow you to edit the content at any time without reprinting, ensuring that your information stays up-to-date and secure. QR code Generator now and keep your data safe.
Highly customizable
Highly customizable Create highly customizable QR codes for websites, contact information, and more with QR Code Dynamic. Our free and dynamic QR code Generator offers 15 different layouts, allowing you to edit the background, and add your brand's logo. QR code Generator now.
Shortened URLs
Discover the power of shortened URL optimize links for sharing, tracking, and managing with ease. Learn how compact URL enhance user experience and streamline online communication. Get insights on the benefits and best practices of utilizing shortened URL effectively.
Get unlimited options with QR Code Projects on QR Code Generator. Explore ideas. Our Free QR code Generator allows you to Create custom code for URL, contact information, events and more. With Dynamic QR code, you can track metrics in real time and edit content at any time without reprinting. QR Code Generator now.
Custom domains
Create custom QR code with your own domain name using our Free QR code Generator at QR Code Generator. Brand your QR code with your logo, colors, and frames, and track metrics in real-time. Our Dynamic QR code allow you to edit the content at any time without reprinting. QR code Generator now and enhance your offline-to-online marketing strategy.

Static QR codes

Create fixed QR code for websites, contact information, events, Wi-Fi networks and more with our free static QR code Generator. Our customizable QR code are easy to scan and can be used for advertising, marketing, collecting information, and making payments. Choose from a variety of layouts, colors, and frames to match your brand and download the QR code for use in your business cards, flyers, or digital platforms. Static QR code Generator now.

  • Fully customizable
  • No scan limit
  • No data saved on our servers

Dynamic QR codes

Create customizable and trackable Dynamic QR code for links, events, Wi-Fi networks, and more with QR Code Generator. Choose from 13 different layouts, add your logo, and edit the content without reprinting. Our Dynamic QR code combine multiple technologies to ensure easy scanning and real-time metrics. Free and smart QR code Generator now.

  • Advanced scan statistics
  • Change URL destination dynamically
  • Scheduling, expiration limits, A/B Rotation
  • Password protection
  • Country, device & language re-targeting

Several QR code templates are available

QR Code Generator Choose from a variety of QR code including URL, vCard, Plain Text, Email, SMS, Twitter, Wi-Fi and Bitcoin and more. Customize the design with your logo, colors and frame.


URLs that open apps automatically

Short links that automatically detect the used app and open it on mobile.


Tracking pixels

Choose from a list of %s performance of your QR code campaigns in real-time with our Dynamic QR code tracking pixel. Our solution allows you to dive deep into analytics, understand your audience, and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager

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Create and customize static or dynamic QR codes.


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