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Welcome to the Generator of QR codes. We hope that this privacy policy will help explain the ways in which we collect, use, share, and protect our personal data. You agree with the terms and conditions stated in this policy by using our website.

Last updated: 01/01/2024

Information Collection: Private Data

When you use our QR code generator website, you may easily provide us with certain personal data that we may collect. This could consist of.


Valid email address

Anything more you choose to disclose

Non-Personal Data

We also gather anonymous and general information that is not personally identifiable in order to improve your experience using our services. This could consist of Device details, like the operating system and browser type

Examples of web apps that, if allowed by the relevant law, give geolocation information and IP addresses

How is your personal information used by us?

The following are the uses of the data we gather.

Creation of QR codes: In reply to your request, QR codes are generated using the information you have provided.

Interaction Your email address may be used by us to respond to your questions, provide you with updates about our services, and share vital information.

Increase in Services The information collected aids in our analysis and improvement of the website's usability, content, and functionality.

Disclosure and Exchange of Information

We don't exchange, trade, or exchange your personal data. However, if others agree to keep your data confidential, we may give it to them in order to help us run our website, do business, or help you.


We protect the integrity and privacy of your personal data through the use of appropriate security measures. We cannot, however, guarantee total security, as there is no way of sending information over the Internet or storing it online that is fully safe.

Cookies and related technologies

Cookies are another of the technologies we use to improve your online experience. You can use your browser's settings to disable cookies, but doing so might make it harder for you to access some of your website's services.

Your rights and choices

You are able to see, update, or remove your personal data. Please email support@qrcodes.live with any questions that you may have about your account.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make periodic updates to this privacy policy to reflect modifications to our activities or for other business, legal, or regulatory reasons. To ensure that you are aware of changes to our privacy policy, we encourage you to visit this page on a regular basis. To make sure that you are aware of any changes to our privacy policy, we encourage you to check this page on a regular basis.

Contact us

Please contact support@qrcodes.live with any questions that you may have about our statement on privacy.

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