How to Use QR Code Boarding Passes (Full Guide)

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Learn how to use QR code boarding passes for a smooth and easy airport experience. This guide explains how to access your digital boarding pass, get it scanned at security and boarding, and offers tips for a worry-free trip.

How to Use QR Code Boarding Passes (Full Guide)

Gone are the days of worrying about losing your boarding pass! QR code boarding passes are a convenient and secure way to fly. Here's everything you need to know:

What are QR code boarding passes?

A QR code boarding pass is a digital version of your traditional paper boarding pass. It contains all your flight information encoded in a QR code (a two-dimensional barcode).

How to get a QR code boarding pass:

  1. Check-in online: Most airlines allow you to check in for your flight online anywhere from 24 to 48 hours before departure. During check-in, you'll have the option to receive your boarding pass electronically.
  2. Choose your delivery method: Airlines typically offer options to receive your QR code boarding pass via: EmailSMS (text message)Airline mobile app (download the app beforehand)
  3. Email
  4. SMS (text message)
  5. Airline mobile app (download the app beforehand)
  6. Download or save your boarding pass: Once you receive your chosen method, save the QR code image to your phone's photo library or digital wallet for easy access.

Using your QR code boarding pass at the airport:

  1. Be prepared: Make sure your phone is charged and the QR code is easily accessible on your screen. Consider a backup printed copy in case of battery issues.
  2. Security checkpoint: Present your QR code (on your phone or printed copy) to security personnel for scanning. They will verify your information and allow you to proceed.
  3. Boarding gate: When your flight is ready to board, approach the boarding gate and again present your QR code for the gate agent to scan. They will confirm your boarding and allow you to enter the aircraft.

Additional tips:

  • Double-check: Before heading to the airport, ensure you have a valid form of ID and any required travel documents alongside your boarding pass.
  • Screenshot: If you're worried about losing your email or SMS with the boarding pass, take a screenshot of the QR code for safekeeping.
  • Low battery? If your phone is about to die, most airports have charging stations you can utilize before reaching your gate.

By following these steps, you can breeze through the airport with your QR code boarding pass

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