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Generate a FREE location QR code online and share your address easily. Customers can scan the code to open directly in Google Maps, saving them time and avoiding confusion. Create your free QR code today

If you're looking for a convenient and free way to share precise location with friends, clients or event attendees, Location QR Code Generator from QR Code is the perfect solution. This advanced tool allows you to instantly create customized QR codes that imbed location coordinates, making it easier for people to get directions.

Key features


Location QR Code Generator offers full customization, allowing you to create QR codes according to your specific needs.

Dynamic QR Code

The platform also offers dynamic QR codes, which allows you to change the destination of the QR code on the fly.

How to use

1. QR Codes Go to

2. Select Location option from QR Code Generator.

3. Customize the QR code as per your needs.

4. Download the QR code and share it with your visitors.

Using this tool, you can enhance connectivity, streamline location sharing and revolutionize the way you communicate and connect with others.

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